TexAirCon uses the best technology (XRF) to test for Lead-Based Paint, this technology gives an immediate results of tested materials. Beside the XRF we do chip-samples and wipes samples.

Identifying the exposures and risks in any worksite is important to effectively manage the workers safety and health protection so work-related injuries can be avoided. TexAirCon uses effective analytical methods such as NIOSH, EPA, and OSHA methods in addition to the on-site measurements to detect workers exposure to contaminants such as chemical hazards, biological hazards, physical hazards, and air contaminants. If a hazardous conditions are discovered, TexAirCon will recommend the appropriate corrective actions to avoid any possible danger.

All the collected samples, along with the floor plan and the chain of custody sheet will be shipped to an NVLAP-Credited lab for PLM analysis. Based on the lab analysis results, the consultant of TexAirCon will generate a report indicating the best approach to do the remediation in case of a positive results. and will assist the client to line up a certified abatement contractor to remove the materials properly according to EPA, OSHA, and Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS).

​​TexAirCon provide several environmental services such as:

  • Asbestos Testing &​ Asbestos Removal Management

  • Mold Testing & Mold Remediation Management

  • Indoor Air Quality

  • OSHA Monitoring

  • Lead-Based Paint Testing​ & Removal Management 

TexAirCon has the qualified and licensed professional mold inspector to test for mold issues in residential and commercial buildings. TexAirCon provides air sampling, bulk sampling, tape lift sampling, and swab sampling in order to determine the kind and quantity of mold. TexAirCon conducts comprehensive services to investigate moisture intrusion, determine the mold source and make recommendations on mold remediation.

TexAirCon, Inc. have been in the business for several years, proudly serving the community. Our services, competitive prices with the best quality of work. We are located between Dallas and Fort Worth, we serve anywhere in the DFW metroplex or in the state of Texas. If you have a need to test for asbestos, mold, or lead-based paint, in a commercial or residential property, please give us a call.

​In the State of Texas, building permit requires an asbestos survey before demolition or renovation to determine whether a building has any asbestos or not. In general buildings built before 1980 should have asbestos. A licensed professional inspector from TexAirCon, Inc. will go to the site, collect samples according to the rules and regulations of asbestos in the state of Texas of all asbestos containing building materials (ACBM) in the building.

According to the inspection results (lab and visual) TexAirCon will develop the project remediation protocol required by the state health department rules and regulations, oversees the remediation process, which include verifying engineering controls, project monitoring, visual inspection, testing inside and outside the work areas, clearance testing, and issues the post project report.

TexAirCon provides a wide range of indoor air quality services such as periodic building testing to address the most common indoor air contaminants that might be responsible for creating health effects including microbial, chemical or physical exposures. Evaluation of building includes the inspection of HVAC systems on different floors or areas, sampling for known contaminants, measuring the levels of Oxygen, Carbon Monoxides, Carbon Dioxides, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Ozone, Dust, Radon, and other Formaldehyde that might be affecting the air quality inside the building. Poor indoor air quality affects businesses and reduces work productivity besides creating serious health issues.